Collection: Mist Collection - Floral Waters

Your Elegant Essentials floral waters are extremely versatile and can be used in many interesting ways!

  • Use as a toner to balance skin pH
  • Use as a facial spray to refresh and tone skin
  • Spray on after makeup to act as a setting spray
  • Use to rehydrate skin throughout the day
  • Use to remove oils and dirt from skin
  • Add to bath water for an extra-peaceful soak
  • Use on any fabric mask to refresh - keep skin clean and help prevent breakouts
  • Help calm acne, rosacea, or sunburns
  • Spray on your pillow for an extra-relaxing sleep
  • Use as a subtle, fresh perfume
  • Spray on clothing or sheets to freshen up
  • Mist in the bathroom to mask odours
  • Spray to freshen up any room
  • Add to diffuser to humidify and fragrance the room

Alcohol-free formula!