Collection: Pet Products

Welcome to Your Elegant Essentials' Velvet Hound line of pet products, where we prioritize the well-being and comfort of your furry companions. Our offerings include the Gentle Pet Shampoo and Paw Butter, each designed with your pet's health and happiness in mind. Our Gentle Pet Shampoo is a testament to our commitment to all-natural care. Formulated to cater to pets of all breeds and ages, this shampoo gently cleanses fur while preserving their natural oils, leaving their coat soft, shiny, and healthy. It also provides soothing relief and hydration for dry or itchy skin, making it a go-to choice for pets with sensitive skin. What sets us apart is our eco-friendly and chemical-free approach, ensuring your pet receives the best possible care. Experience the difference in your pet's appearance and well-being when you choose Velvet Hound. Our scent, Forever Fresh, is gentle and pet-safe, with no lavender included.

As for our Paw Butter, we understand the challenges your pet's paws face daily – from rough terrain to harsh weather conditions. Our moisturizing butter is designed to soften and soothe rough, dry, and cracked paws, providing quick absorption without staining. Your pet's paw pads will feel smooth and supple, and you can rest easy knowing our formula is safe for pets of all ages and sizes. With Velvet Hound Paw Butter, you can nurture your pet's paws and help prevent damage caused by various elements, ensuring they enjoy comfort and vitality in every step. Available in Unscented or Lavender for dogs and Unscented for cats. (Lavender is toxic to cats!)

Explore our pet products range and give your loyal companion the care they deserve.