Our Story

We sincerely appreciate your interest in Your Elegant Essentials and we extend our warmest welcome to you. Allow me to introduce our founders; Shannon, a former nurse, alongside her husband, proudly own and operate Your Elegant Essentials, Inc.

Shannon’s personal journey into the world of skincare began with a pressing concern – her own highly sensitive skin.

Thus, she embarked on an in-depth quest to formulate her own solutions with the objective to create skincare that would not only be compatible with her sensitive skin but also evoke no adverse reactions. The commendable feedback from friends and family who experienced the benefits of Shannon’s creations ignited a realization: a discernible demand existed for high-quality skincare products founded on natural elements and skin-friendliness.

The journey spanned several years, involving meticulous behind-the-scenes work; forging partnerships with esteemed collaborators and subject-matter experts, securing the necessary licensing and trademarks, procuring top-tier supplies and equipment, establishing the production facility, all the while honing all the product offerings.